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Software development & industrialization:

As service provider, I'm an expert to specify, build and deliver all management product required. Based on a solid experience, a methodology based on a mix of RUP and SCRUM (the mix depending of project size), some standard tools and my own base application platform I provide high added value software. If you need a software architect or a full team to give life to your project, contact me.

In the case where you have already your team, I'm able to help you to increase your development productivity by industrialize the process. This include the build of your software factory (specification tools, development tools, delivery tools, versionning tools, management tool, ...) and consulting about you methodology.

Information system urbanization:

As Service consumer, I organize your Information System to improve your business process and reduce maintenances costs without decrease quality. I liked reckon to a win-win contract between technical and business approach where the balance between need and possibility are respected: An IT project where only business or only technical consideration are taken is a future dead project. So to avoid this I do work together business and technical skills and I keep a complete overview on all project step to limit risk. These means, do quality technical and business specification, build a software factory to be able to control the production (outsourced or not) and a well define delivery process. Only with a rigorous process to limit risk, we could assure the project success.

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